"I Am That I Am"
by  Victor Daniel

One of the most challenging things for all of humankind to realize is that we are all one. We are all connected and made up of the same stuff. It sounds cliché, but in truth this is how it really is. Scientists are now discovering that the same elements that are found in us are found in trees, mountains, oceans, etc. We often point our fingers at one side and say, "that's the bad guy", or "she's greedy or mean", and so forth.

When in fact, we have all chosen to experience different states of being in our past, i.e. happiness, sadness, gladness, badness, madness, etc. I believe there is not a single one of us that has never thought of a committing crime, hurting someone, stealing, or committing suicide. Whether or not we chose to act on these thoughts is another story. But in fact, all states of being are temporary and temporal. We do not have to be envious, fearful, angry or sad all of our lives. These are, by the way, perfectly natural emotional states. There is nothing wrong with expressing these feelings. They help us to push out and express what we are feeling, but that doesn't mean we have to feel them forever. They can be viewed as a release valve.

We have direct control over which state of being we choose to experience next. Simply by saying, "I am happy and feeling happiness, or I am sad and feeling sadness or I am happy and sad and feeling them simultaneously. We are all states of being, all at once, just making a conscious decision which ones we choose to experience next. Try to think in terms of being composed of everything all at once. It's like having a tremendous wardrobe, and choosing which outfit you want to wear next.

The fact is, we live within the realm of relativity where two exact opposite truths can occupy the same space at the same time. This is both the beauty and the wonder of life. It's challenging to understand and integrate if you're thinking of things in terms of right or wrong, this or that, up or down. This is duality thinking and will not serve your greater good until you can exalt your thinking to a level where you realize that a thing could be both good and bad, here and there, cold and hot. Shift your thinking pattern from a polarized mode of thinking to unity mode of thinking.

Picture yourself as a whole white circle and this circle contains everything. It has the ability to create anything. Anything that it chooses to create, then shows up as black. A black smaller circle placed in a larger white circle. This black circle acts as a point of reference where a comparison can be made to the whole. This black circle will continue to exist as long as there is a constant supply of attention flowing to it from the larger white circle. When the larger white circle consciously chooses to stop supplying attention to its creation, the smaller black circle will then cease to exist. It would then stop being created and fade back into the larger white circle. Think about that time when you have paid no mind to that headache and it just went away. Or the time when you were just too busy to be sick. This is both the liberty and power of a creative being. It needs to create a reference point inside of itself in order to know itself as something in particular. Remember this, your focus creates your reality! We humans have the capacity to create anything we chose, simply by believing it is possible and by supplying enough attention to it. Remember the formula for creation: INTENTION + ATTENTION = CREATION. Having a great intention is one thing, but supplying an ample amount of attention in order for it to create is another.

All physical manifestations were once an idea existing in a non-physical realm. Invested with enough passion and attention the nonphysical manifested into the physical. So, the next time you have a great idea, run with it! Make sure you place all of you attention and love on it until it creates.

Now think of the universe as a bigger white circle and we humans as smaller white circles inside the bigger white circle with spaces of blackness in between us. This blackness is very important in order for the whiteness (we humans) to exist. The larger white circle still nonetheless creates the blackness. Consider it a favor from the heavens. White and Black, Yin and Yang, Matter and Anti-Matter, the concept of duality is essential for our existence. The challenge here is understanding that we are all of it. There is this little veil over our heads making us forget that we are all connected, all made up of the same stuff, all ONE. This veil of forgetfulness over our heads prevents us from knowing at all times the macrocosmic truth that we are all one.

This is called separation consciousness and is vital in order for us to distinguish ourselves from one another. But we can know and live within the higher truth, we are all of it. This veil is necessary to play the great game of life. This divine dichotomy commonly confuses most people. We seem to think that we are one energy but not the other, i.e. generous but not greedy, loud but not quiet, skinny but not fat, happy but not sad, powerful but not powerless. It simultaneously is the convergence of contradictions. We truly are all of these polarities simultaneously but we choose to express one and not the other or a little bit more of this and a little bit less of that. Now think about standing in the middle of all these polarities, not holding onto a particular point of view. This is living in a state of non-judgment, or in other words unconditional love. This is a state we can BE, at anytime, simply by releasing all judgment and not taking any particular point of view.

Remember this, no one does anything inappropriate given their model of the world. Everyone thinks they are doing the right thing at the appropriate time. For example, world leaders all believe they are doing the most suitable thing for their countries desires. Other world leaders with different desires and motives may not feel the same way. Who's right and who's wrong, no one truly knows, given each individuals viewpoint. Another example, two lovers in a relationship quarrel, one wants to go out with their friends and the other one wants the lover to go out to dinner alone together. Who's right and who's wrong, no one knows...truly given their viewpoints. Another one; a woman who is a prostitute in New York City and a woman who is a prostitute in Las Vegas. Who's right and who's wrong, the NY city law states it's illegal while Las Vegas law states that it's perfectly legal. It all depends on your viewpoint and your place in space. Something might be perfectly legal in one area i.e. marijuana, the death penalty or pollution and totally illegal in another. Some actions may be totally legal at one time in history, i.e. burning people at the stake and totally unheard of at another. Everything is objective phenomenon and the labels we place on these people, places, events and actions determine our truth, our point of view. Nothing is bad or good in and of itself. Everything is really nothing until we place our own attention upon it.

We also live in the illusion of time where we believe that past, present and future exist separately from one another. Einstein disproved this belief some time ago with his theory of relativity. Still to this day it's very hard for most of us to conceptualize and or even practicalize this theory in our minds. Everything is happening right now. Our inability to see this clearly helps us to know ourselves as individuals. This is a great mystery that we must live with, in order to play this great game called life. (Note, we must live within this paradigm in order to function independently from one another.) This is divine dichotomy. Picture yourself totally knowing your past, present and future all at once. You would not be able to distinguish yourself as a viable something. We would be living in a vacuum, a void in which we could not exist as individuals.

The beauty about living within this paradigm is that we can consciously create our future simply by knowing that it's all happening now. We do this by simply putting our attention on a particular state of being for extended lengths of time. Some might call this constant conscious prayer. Since it's all happening now, that is what your future you is now experiencing. This is what will be brought forth into your reality.

This is called conscious evolution and our society is now integrating this knowledge into its consciousness. This is a major step in our society's evolution. This means we can consciously dictate the events of our future. This is a switch over from a reactive state of living to a proactive state of living. This means that things are not happening to us but in fact we are creating these experiences and they are being drawn into our reality. This is a major responsibility enhancement, a reality check for those who play the blame game. This can be viewed as the most enlightening and liberating information that has come to be known.

So why judge a state of being someone else is consciously or unconsciously creating? Maybe because it might differ from your truth? Maybe because it might compromise your truth? Maybe because it might make you reconsider your truth? So what if everybody had to believe what you believe, what kind of free will would people have? How about if the tides were turned? If you had to adopt a belief that someone else had, how would you feel? A little confined? A little limited? Think about that the next time you judge another. This is the golden rule exemplified; do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. A great way to exemplify this concept is to see others as an extension of yourself. Would you hurt the other in anyway if you knew that the other was directly connected to you? Would you chop off one of your arms if you believed it was getting in your way. So the next time you come in contact with any other part of life, see it as an extension of you. Remember this and understand it fully, THE WORLD IS A REFLECTION OF YOU or I AM THAT I AM!

Here is a little excerpt from Harry Palmer:

When you adopt the viewpoint
That there is nothing that exists
That is not a part of you,
That there is no one who exists
Who is not a part of you, that any judgment is self-judgment,
That any criticism you level is self-criticism,
You will wisely extend to yourself
An unconditional love
That will be the light of your world

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