"The Secret Of Smiling"
by  Victor Daniel

Smile genuinely to and with everyone all the time. Your smile reflects a smile back to you. When you smile it activates and releases endorphins which make you feel great. The brain and emotional body emits this energy into the ether and creates feel good vibes. These feel good vibes are fragments of emotional energy, small particles of energy. Energy is the building block of the whole universe. These feel good vibes spread as long as you keep smiling to and with others. When you keep smiling with others you start feeling better because you keep getting smiles back. You start feeling better and healthier the longer you smile. You start automatically laughing with love in your heart when you smile and feel good for long periods of time. Even if some people do not smile back, light them up anyway with your smile - they might need it. Be strong and smile. Smile at all of your so called past, everything about it, appreciate it all but always keep your attention in the present. You do this by looking deeply into all things presently around you with your smile and genuine interest.

Many others will smile and emit their feel good vibes as well. The longer they feel good, the more positive energy will be emitted into the atmosphere. The more people that smile at others by their own conscious effort to do so will create a system of energy. This system of positive energy will create a strong and rich vibe. Soon the vibes coagulate into clumps of matter. The more people that do this, the greater the effects of this system of potential love in the collective consciousness. A stronger vibe can be created by looking deeply into someone's eyes, smiling and loving them unconditionally (like what you do with your children). This could create small clumps of matter out of thin air. This matter starts a physical creation from the vision and feeling in the beholders mind. This physical creation can be anything the beholder has in mind backed up with those feel good vibes. This good vibe energy field finds other good vibe energy fields creating strong vibes of positive energy - potential physical matter. Vision the world at a far, seeing it with clumps of physical matter coming together creating a force field around it, a matrix of intertwined creative positive energy. This matter comes together uniting other systems of matter, a matrix of love energy.

Large groups of people intentionally disciplining their attention to smile will have an enormous effect on the collective. This physical matter creates abundance in everyway according to that particular individual's consciousness. That individual feels blessed, whole and complete in every way - or should I say ALL-ways, or in all ways. This is the clumping together of matter in all ways. That abundance grows in every way that particular individual keeps smiling and sending off those great vibes. All people smiling back and especially in groups of people smiling back at an individual sends that original smiler into orbit. Their emotional field is highly affected by super charged loving vibe. All the other people are affected in the direct proportion they can keep smiling at everything and everyone all the time.

This creates a beautiful tapestry forming a physical blanket of love. This blankets the universe and starts to transmute fear (false evidence appearing real) into LOVE. This Love virus (potion) spreads like wild fire across the world and universe. This wave of emotional feeling GO(O)D energy will transmute any fear, doubt, or disbelief. This wave will instill a faith that will move mountains, transmute any virus or disease, end drug dependencies - allow people to disappear and reappear anywhere they choose, levitate, walk through walls, create an abundance of money in their lives, create "the love of their life", astral project anywhere with ease, love all adversaries, enemies will vanish - there will be no competition, there is truly only one when love is present - So who would you be against, yourself?

The feel good vibe connects all living things with LOVE - what ever the person has the faith and conviction to believe they will create at this time. An overwhelming sense of gratitude is the finishing touch, because gratitude is the attitude of a truly loving and giving one - your giving comes back pressed down and super intense back. It comes back by the synergy created by the original feel good vibe. This is when the feeling of gratitude comes back and hits the individual like tidal wave. These feel good vibes spread to everyone and clump together into an intense feeling of love, which is the "heart of the matter". LOVE is an energy source that is unlimited especially when groups of people vibe and resonate feelings of love together. So keep smiling because it is contagious and spreads like a virus that will CURE your-self right up of EVERYTHING with the quickness. This quickness is instant creation when the love vibration is super high in an individual. So smile at everyone all the time and soon all the love in the world will be yours. The universe and what you see, experience and feel is a reflection of your-self. So start smiling and never stop. Let's all smile now at ON(C)E!

Love is ALL there Is.

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