"Your Destiny Lies In The Palm Of Your Hands"
by Victor Daniel

And you think you've tried everything to build those hard-to-build body parts! You have exhausted every possible routine, strategy and angle to promote the growth of that stubborn muscle group! Now that your body has done everything it can, it's time to put your mind to work on the matter Ö or should I say your mind and hand. The basic premise here is that "whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve". Can you conceive and truly believe that those stubborn old muscle groups could possibly grow? Any resistance to truly believing it will keep you from achieving your goal! So here's another ditty for you: "Whatever you resist, persists". The more you deny yourself the belief that you really can build your calves, the more your mind resists your calves becoming physically larger. The longer you resist larger calves, the longer the situation will persist. You must create the belief that you can build that muscle group; and once you truly believe your creation, you will see results!

Truly believing you can create your own reality is only the first step. There is more, and here's where it gets a little, um, sticky. It involves masturbation, and it takes a little practice and some discipline. Practice masturbating? No! We all have plenty of practice in the act of jerking off! I mean to unlearn what we have learned about our thoughts during masturbation! All of those long, drawn out, violent, compulsive, and sweaty moments fantasizing about doing you-know-what with you-know-who! Obsessing about that guy you just want to lick up and down until he spills all over you! Having a stained glass image of this guy's amazing body and rock-hard, um, butt in your mind all day long! Well, it's time to re-channel your normal, every-day masturbation thoughts and place the focus of your attention on you.

What we are talking about here is an ancient metaphysical secret passed on from the mystics, involving the subconscious mind and its unlimited powers. First of all, the subconscious mind is primarily a picture consciousness, which doesn't know the difference between imagination and reality. (We'll get to the masturbation part in a minute.) So whatever we can imagine, we can create into our reality! Whatever reality we choose to experience, our minds draw into our consciousness. If you want to build that stubborn muscle group, you are actually pushing the idea into a non-reality! Think about it. "Wanting" implies that you do not "have", but "having" implies that you already "own" whatever idea it is that you are drawing into your consciousness. And besides, just because you want something, does not mean that you believe you can have it. To want larger calves, for instance, is not good enough! If you have been working them and working them to no avail, and your mind believes that you just cannot make them any larger, then guess what? You will not be able to. You must believe that you can have (not "want") larger calves, and trick your subconscious mind into thinking that you already have them!

Let's get scientific for a moment, and talk about Einstein's Theory of Relativity. This theory postulates that the space-time continuum is such that the past, present and future coexist right now. It's all relative! So visualize that muscle group fully grown as if it were happening right now. This tricks the subconscious mind into experiencing something that does not yet exist in a physical sense. Sincerity is very important here, because your mind can tell the difference between a lie and the truth. Truly believe it is possible, and so will it be. The most important ingredient to add to this recipe is emotion. The subconscious mind is a non-judgmental emotional magnet, which draws itself to the most emotionally charged idea the mind occupies (i.e. love, hate, depression, passion, etc.). It's an energy whore that sends itself out to the ether in search of something to satisfy it, and then it demands compensation for its efforts. So it is important for the mind to lock in on a favorable target, in this case, building the ever-challenging muscle group. "How can you deliberately add emotion to the idea?" you ask. Well, what is the highest emotional charge you can deliberately create in your physical body? Answer: an orgasm.

Masturbation is a daily activity for most people. It's something we all do, but don't talk about. Well, let's talk about it right now and let's get a little constructive with its usage, shall we? Masturbation ñ yes, jerking off ñ can help you at the gym! Now don't go beating off on the treadmill or anything. That's not what I mean. Do the deed at home ñ or wherever you normally participate ñ and use it as an augmentation to your workout! Add the incredible sensation of an orgasm to your dreams of building that muscle group and to having a perfectly proportioned physical body! All you have to do is change your visualizations during the act of masturbation, and especially during the energy-filled orgasm and you will be sending out some incredibly strong signals into the universe for which your mind will demand compensation. It sounds outrageous and ludicrous, but in fact it has been an age-old secret of metaphysical practitioners for eons. Masturbate while envisioning that your grandest dreams are actually happening right now, it is that simple! Sounds sacrilegious? What about the scenarios you have rolling around in your minds when you currently masturbate? Raping, beating, biting, slapping, scraping, fisting, strangling, handcuffing ñ You get the picture! You'd probably get locked up if you told anybody! So try thinking about yourself for a change. Like I said, it takes some discipline and practice, but it will create the body you have always dreamed, but until now, did not believe you could achieve.

Of course, anyone might find it difficult to masturbate while imagining their own built calves or chest, so use someone else's hot body as a jump start until you're again ready to visualize your body looking the same. If you feel yourself losing sensation, go back to your normal thoughts for a moment to get yourself back on track. But always bring yourself back to your now-huge calves, cut abs and bulging chest. Bringing yourself back is where the discipline comes in, but once you start to see the results, you'll know that it was worth it! And once you do it a few times, you'll notice it gets easier and easier, and can be just as enjoyable! Masturbation is both a mental AND physical activity, thus creating an incredibly strong energy and metaphysical interaction between yourself and the universe.

Actively and consciously concentrate on your desired experiences daily. Whether you desire larger calves, a raise at work, love in your life or just to be happy, remember that the mind will lock onto an emotionally charged target. Remember, that your subconscious mind is an "energy whore", sending strong, emotionally charged signals into the ether and demanding strong results as compensation! If you don't want to think of your mind as an "energy whore", think of if as a radar, sending out signals into the universe and attracting returns. The stronger we believe something, the stronger the signals we send and the faster our signals hit their target and return to us. Forces beyond our ability to comprehend, far more subtle and complex than we imagine, are engaged in the process. These forces are all part of an extraordinary web of interactive energies, which comprise the entirety of existence we call "life". This is why masturbation is such an important aspect in achieving our goals! We must add strong, physically charged emotion to our beliefs to turn our dreams into reality more quickly. Your strong, emotionally charged messages are sent out from your mind through the universe, and your subconscious mind will attract experiences that support the fulfillment of your dreams.

So here is the bottom line. While you are masturbating and feeling that incredible sensation pulsating through your body from start to finish (especially during orgasm), envision that perfectly proportioned body as if you already have it. Stain that image in your mind and send that signal out into the ether so you can experience it as fully creative being. If music is something you are passionate about, play it to add even more emotion to your dreams of the perfect body. I suggest playing purely instrumental music and further, to play the same music each time, to cause an association in your subconscious mind between the music and the action of sending your message out to the universe. So any time you listen to this music (during your workout would be a great time), your subconscious mind will trigger the process, called a "conditioned response", which will automatically place its attention on the muscle group and imagine it as perfect.

If you want a nice body, then go to the gym and do nothing more. But if you want an amazing body, then involve your entire being ñ Mind, Body and Soul ñ in the process. Chances are, you already masturbate on a frequent basis, so you don't have to change your lifestyle or make room in your schedule. Just change the focus of your thoughts and place your attention on your dreams! Create your reality!

Recipe: Take a dream, believe whole-heartedly in it, put it into the present tense as if it were happening right now, add strong emotion, and beat well until done!

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