A Self is an idea that awareness is available itself of for the purpose of experiencing certain other ideas. It's the bubble from which you view other bubbles.

Being Aware Will
Do we have any evidence at all from this definitionless awareness that I keep
referring to?

It's outside of time; it's nonspatial; it's adimensional; it has no mass, no wavelength, no frequency-in short, it's unimaginable. Not that. Not that. Not that either.

It's beyond the parameters by which we determine whether something exists or not. Can you imagine something that's unimaginable? No! Put away your mind with all its labels and definitions. What evidence do we have for this definitionless awareness that remains when everything else is eliminated?


What's left? Only the eliminator.

When we understand this, all the things that it can't be described by are actually evidence of it. That. That. That too.

Exercise 5 - The Will Rules All
All of the struggles between self and the world come from an ignorance of this principle: that consciousness and the universe arise from the same source. The will is a quality of this source and thus a bridge between the physical and the mental.

One of over 30 exercises from the book ReSurfacing: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness © 1994 by Harry Palmer. Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved.