Welcome to Mind, Body & Soul's web portal. The name and mission of our organization recognizes that we humans are all three-part beings, each comprised of three essentials: mind, body and soul. We strive to gently and effectively help people reincorporate a deep knowing of all three human essentials and bring them to balance within their own being. Creating a balance within brings not only inner peace and boundless creativity, but also helps people create harmony between themselves and the world around them. We help people remember that as multi-dimensional human beings living on earth. the potential each of us possesses is limitless.

Victor Daniel - founder and owner of Mind, Body & Soul - is a certified astrologer, certified personal trainer, certified hypnotherapist, and licensed AvatarŪ Master / Wizard. He was born and raised in Queens, New York, where his practice is based.

"I am here on earth to help people help themselves - I believe that first and foremost that sovereignty is the key to all personal growth and empowerment. I found my destiny teaching Avatar, which is the most empowering tool I have discovered, both for my students and myself. I measure my success on my ability to render my clients independent from my services. And Mind, Body & Soul does just that! I am honored to be here to be of service to all."

Unity is the truth; separation is the illusion. We are all one!

I am now in a quest to helps others find great sources of self empowerment information.  I am creating relationships with many world renown writers, authors, self empowerment teachers and  motivational speakers to help expand awareness worldwide to create a deeper feeling of inner peace so we can all create cooperatively.

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